About Us

In 2011, Sharpen was established with the goal of offering a simple, affordable voice solution that would meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Today, Sharpen has grown beyond voice and provides companies all over the world with an industry leading, cloud native contact center platform that we are continually evolving to give businesses the competitive edge they need to succeed.

The Sharpen Team is a group of talented professionals dedicated to the mission of helping good companies be better.  We are committed to building a global community of companies who believe that a happy customer is a loyal brand advocate waiting to happen.

Indiana Best Places to Work 2017

We made the 2017 Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s List of the Top 100 Best Places to Work.

It makes sense that an organization that was formed to help companies form great relationships with their customers would naturally take care of its own employees, too.

We’re not in it for the accolades, though. Everything we do to improve the lives of our employees supports our singular mission of helping companies create perfect customer experiences. We believe that a happy workplace creates a happy company that creates a happy product that creates happy agents that create happy customers. It’s that simple.

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Our Values

We strive to be the best, so we innovate in new and exciting directions. These values guide our actions, choices, and relationships.

Contact Center Software

We believe in turning your technological challenges into our opportunities to reinvent customer experiences in order to give you a competitive advantage.

We believe in the inherent value of generational preparedness through education and volunteerism.

We believe in building a diverse community that shares our values, and is focused on making the customer experience better.

We believe that our cloud native communication platform should be clean and easy to use, while allowing you to break free of technological debt that burdens your company.