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Improving the world’s experience with customer service, using software

The Sharpen Story

At Sharpen, we believe there’s a better way to do customer service. A more human, less rigid way where your agents’ experiences drive your customers’ satisfaction. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help companies achieve it. We focus on building solutions for agents to be better trained and more prepared for their day-to-day interactions. If we can get the world to associate the brands we partner with to the absolute best customer service, then we can change the way the world interacts.

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Building software that makes life in a contact center easier

Sharpen is an always-on contact center platform built in the cloud, for the cloud. We work with established market leaders and assertive forward-thinkers to help them create transformative customer experiences. The clarity, transparency, and focus of our platform lets agents communicate with less friction and creates a genuinely great experience in every interaction. We started with a single mission to create a way to make interacting with customer service less painful. And at the heart of every interaction lives an agent. So, we built the world’s first, truly agent-centric software to simplify connections around the globe.

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A better agent experience is the backbone of success

We believe better customer interactions happen when the agents your customers are interacting with are appreciated, when they have the tools and resources they need in one place, and when they love what they do. We’re obsessed with bringing to life products that make it easier to work in and develop a contact center. Sometimes doing big things is hard. But, when you’re in charge of making a difference in the way the world communicates, there’s no limit to what you can do.


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“We’ve created this place where our team is rallying behind this big goal of making life better for the people in the contact center space using technology. We set out to change the way people interact with customer service, and we’re actually building the tools to make it happen.”

Mike Simmons, Chairman,


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130 Years of industry experience

Sharpen’s leadership team is committed to creating a product that contact center agents love, empowering their teams to work passionately toward long-term growth, and helping the company redefine the contact center industry.

The team comes from some of the world’s leading contact center organizations and has a collective 130 years of experience.

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