Create a more consistent, efficient customer experience while building easier processes for your agents. Our custom-built, universal Automatic Contact Distributor connects incoming interactions to the right agents, at the right time, based on their existing customer data found in Sharpen or somewhere else. In the most basic terms, our ACD IDs your customers then sends them where they need to go, on any channel.

Connect your queues to solve customer needs

Build your queue based on your customers’ needs, not just by channel, location, or terminal default settings. ACD looks at the interaction, no matter where it comes from, pairs it with existing customer data from Sharpen, or another CRM tool, then makes a decision on where to route them to get them the best service possible.

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Automatic callback lets your customers take control of their wait

Set expectations with your customers by telling them their average caller position and average wait time. Then, let them go about their day with automatic call back and queue position saving. This level of transparency lets your customers feel in control of their wait time, and creates a better customer experience.

Make life easier for your agents

Give your agents one place of reference, whether they’re on chat, email, voice or anywhere in between. ACD records and reports all customer and coaching activities in a single location, saving you time and money, and making life easier in the contact center. And, it gives customers the same great experience, no matter how they reach out to you.

Set time controls without IT

Build sophisticated time controls for holidays, seasonal schedules, and regular hours in our omni-channel IVR, then queue up interactions to the right place, at the right time, from our ACD solution. The controls are simple and logical to set up, giving you power to control your contact center’s accessibility in seconds, without depending on IT or a third-party partner.

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Coach and train agents inside their queue

Queue up coaching interactions, learning modules, compliance training, or questions for agents to answer alongside all other interactions already in their queue. This way, they can learn when queue volume is low or if there’s an immediate change needed.

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