Customize your customer experience strategy

Your best relationships don’t live in your CRM. They’re built through the personalized conversations your agents have with your customers. That’s why we built Sharpen Actions. Actions is a business automation tool that helps you build actions, like: alerts triggered by thresholds, customizable text and speech analytics, or multi-source data analytics. Action bots allow customers to create flexible, but insanely granular processes to solve problems that are unique to your business.

Streamline your communication

Sharpen Actions is the core to every system in your contact center. Every connection that’s made by your contact center can be automated in a way that’s private, yet personal. It removes points of human error and gives your agents more time to focus on complex issues.

Make your team more efficient

Automate parts of your call flows to help customers with simple tasks, like finding a case number, while finding their unique data to personalize the experience. These Logic-based Actions improve the agent experience by eliminating the wasted time looking for customer data and handling simple inquiries.

Build a consistent customer journey from every channel

Create a consistent and personalized customer experience, no matter what channel your customers reach out on. Sharpen Logic is a decision-making, omni-channel workflow built to replace your IVR. Use Logic to route your customer journey with Action Bots or agents, as needed for your business.

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Improve productivity and satisfaction using Actions

Up your customer satisfaction using Actions. Action Bots use the data you’ve already collected in your CRM or other customer data tools to trigger interactions with your Sharpen Q, or other third-party system, in real time. Use the data as multiple sources in your decision-making workflow.

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A powerfully simple way to coach

Managers spend 25 hours a week looking for coaching moments for their agents, but only about 3 hours actually coaching. Action Bots monitor your agents’ activity in real time, triggering coachable moments when they happen and alert you of patterns and inconsistencies from their behaviors.

Make Coaching Easier

How it works

With Action Bots at the core of you contact center call flow, Sharpen Actions can define and intuitively automate your workflows, streamline simple customer inquiries, and access data from your own custom sources to bring specific, contextual intelligence to your agents’ fingertips.

Grab customer data from anywhere: CRM, tickets, homegrown databases, or anything in between.

Set custom parameters to route your customers to Bots or agents based on your business needs.

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