Sharpen Actions

Put bots into your call flow

Add simplicity with easy-to-use automations

Your best relationships don’t live in your CRM. They’re built through the personalized conversations agents have with your customers. That’s why we built Sharpen Actions. Actions is a visual business automation tool that helps you build custom workflows, like: alerts triggered by thresholds, customized text and speech analytics, or multi-source data analytics. Action bots let you create flexible, and incredibly granular processes to solve the problems that matter most to your company.

action trigger

Add bots into your contact center

Create bot-driven workflows, access data from third-party systems and automate the tedious tasks agents are handling right now for added efficiency and accuracy inside of your contact center. And, because Actions has no predefined limits, you can take full advantage of APIs to access all communications data, CRM and ticketing data, or homegrown databases. Actions lets you use bots as a core piece of your communications system for a better experience.

salesforce logic

Omnichannel Logic routing

Use Sharpen Logic and Actions in tandem to create a consistent and personalized customer experience from every communications channel. Logic, our decision-making workflow tool, can route customers to Action Bots for simple inquiries. Or, you can configure Actions inside Logic to deliver data to agent queues, so customers are routed to the right place, faster and agents aren’t digging around disjointed systems to track down information.

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self service action bot

Personalized self-service

Automate the simple tasks in your call flows to let customers help themselves while still getting a personalized experience. When a customer calls, texts, emails or Tweets in, configure an Action Bot to grab their unique data from Sharpen or a third-party system. Then, give them the help they need, without tagging in an agent. And if a case escalates, use an Action Bot to move the customer, and all of their data, to the most appropriate agent to resolve the issue fast. With Logic-based Actions, you’re eliminating wasted time looking for customer data and you’re reducing the time agents spend on simple inquiries.

action bot integration

Integrate to the tools you’re already using

Use the data you already have inside CRM or another customer database to trigger interactions inside Sharpen Q or another third-party system, in real-time. Then use that data as multiple sources in your decision-making workflow to know where to route customers, or how to help customers, for a better resolution. Actions integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow, other queues, defined skills, and the like.

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coaching action bot

Pair automated coaching with in-person feedback

Managers spend 25 hours a week looking for coaching moments for their agents. But they’re only spending three hours actually coaching those agents. Action Bots can be configured to monitor agent activity in real time, trigger coaching moments when they happen, and alert managers of patterns and inconsistencies from their behaviors.

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