Great Customer Service Starts With Better Agent Experience.

National CSAT scores haven’t budged for 20+ years, and agent turnover has hit 45%. The status quo isn’t working.

A lot of vendors are talking about it, but no one is doing anything about it.

National ASCI Score

…Until now.

National ASCI Score

We’ve created a metric to help you measure and track agent satisfaction.

Agent Experience Score (AXS)

Using a proprietary algorithm, Sharpen’s platform collects data from interactions to calculate and report the Agent Experience Score (AXS). The metric provides supervisors and agents a way to measure and track not only performance, but overall agent well-being.

The Agent Experience Score

Stagnant CSAT scores, alarming turnover rates, frustrated workers, wasted time and effort… these are the symptoms that caused us to dig deeper and find the real problems plaguing contact centers. Once we discovered that agent experience is at fault, we started creating a solution. In order to improve agent experience, we needed a way to measure and track it, knowing that humans are more than just numbers.

The question was how to turn the holistic agent experience into an easily understood metric. The answer is the 3 Es.


The most “urgent” of the Es, Efficiency is all about doing more, faster. This has traditionally been measured with KPIs like Average Hold Time and Average Handle Time to indicate how quickly agents could process interactions. Its goal is more, more, more, and it has a boundless appetite. No matter how efficiently an agent works, the KPI wants 1% more.

When used in balance, Efficiency is a key piece of an overall whole. If it gets out of balance, things can get ugly.


Effectiveness is the “black and white” aspect of the Agent Experience Score (AXS). Its goal is to find the right answer, not worrying about how long it takes to do so. Ideally, this removes a customer’s need to reach back out, which saves contact centers time, energy, and money.

Hitting the bullseye every time is a worthy goal, but left to itself, it can cause some real problems.


This is where things start to get interesting. Most industry drivers are moving away from traditional Workforce Optimization, because it’s all so “mechanical.” The entire industry is realizing the need to account for the human part of being a front-line agent. This includes the need for solid coaching and learning in a way that enhances, rather than detracts from, the daily workflow.

As you’d expect, this is a very powerful aspect of the total picture. But it also has the potential to create problems if it becomes the sole focus.

The Agent Experience Score (AXS)

When combined and balanced, the 3 Es are used to derive a single metric to help develop well-rounded agents. Supervisors and agents are both able to identify strengths and weaknesses, and track their development over time.

The more practical uses of the AXS include identifying coaching opportunities either manually or through the Sharpen platform’s built-in automation tools. The system monitors all communication channels, spots training needs, and automatically takes action.

Individual AXS values can also be viewed as an aggregate number, rolled-up by groups, revealing higher-level insights into team performance. Contact center administrators and executives outside the contact center now have a brand new view of operations.

Technology that will revolutionize the way your agents work.

Coaching and training your agents should be a part of your daily work-flow. By evaluating each of your agents’ interactions, AXS uses data from every channel to deliver real-time performance feedback in a 90-day rolling period.


It’s better to think of it as “no channel.” Sharpen lets agents connect with customers using any and every method in a single interaction.

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Sharpen University
Sharpen University

In-line training, microlearning, conversational coaching… it’s a better way of developing people that helps agents and managers.

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Better decisions can only be made if they’re well-informed. Insights gives you Big Data analytics in a beautiful dashboard.

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The Business Impact of a Better Agent Experience

A better agent experience = a better customer experience.

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