Sharpen Architecture

Built to keep your interactions smooth and your data safe, confidential, available and redundant.

A platform built for you

Security and reliability are two of the most critical aspects of any cloud contact center operation. And at Sharpen, we know the confidentiality, integrity, availability and redundancy of your data are foundational to your continued success. Our multi-modal, omnichannel platform routes, measures and records customers the same on every channel and gives you the data in one place.

The Sharpen Infrastructure

You need reliable, fast, redundant and secure access to your contact center platform and data. That’s why we provide: 

  • 100% web-scale cloud computing in 9 regions and 27 availability zones globally, and we have capacity to expand as needed across available AWS regions and availability zones; 
  • 99.999% availability SLA; 
  • Resizable compute capacity in the cloud; 
  • Agile development and deployment methodologies; 
  • Containerized push-button deployments of any number of service instances at a configured hardware level; 
  • Canary deployments to provide smaller change footprints on release. 
Telco Model


Eliminate your technology and data silos by including telco services as a part of your platform. Sharpen is a registered telco provider, which helps you in consolidating the number of vendors you need to run a fully functional contact center.

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Reliability Model


Reliable, stable communication is the backbone of your business. To make sure you avoid service disruptions, we have multiple availability zones for increased reliability and redundancy. And containerized, microservices geo-replicated for high availability, 24/7 monitoring with customer-specific dashboards and alerting, live (human) support, and a dedicated team of site reliability engineers to monitor telephony metrics, network load and capacity.

Compliance Model

Security and Compliance

We have multiple layers of security to detect and mitigate any threats, real or potential. Here’s a look at some of the security and compliances we have in place:

  • HIPAA Compliant; 
  • An Information Security & Management System in accordance with ISO27001 guidelines;
  • Resource-level control; 
  • Encryption for data in transit and at rest; 
  • SOC 2 Type I & II; 
  • PCI compliant functionality for payments; 
  • Access control using role-based security architecture;
  • We comply with GDPR principles. 
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