If agents enjoy what they’re doing, and get the development they need to improve, they’ll provide a better customer experience. In fact, research out of ICMI found 92% of consumers say an agent’s perceived happiness affects their personal customer experience.

The Agent Experience Score measures performance and empowerment using data from each agent’s unique interactions in a rolling 90-day window. This lets you focus on long-term change and development instead of short-term activity to improve job satisfaction and, in turn, your customer experience.

Put a metric to agent development

AXS auto-calculates a real-time metric for each of your agents by looking at their efficiency, effectiveness and empowerment over a rolling 90-day window. The score takes data from each agent’s unique interactions and post-call work, like talk-time, number of escalations, after-call work, customer surveys, and others, to aggregate a full view of your agent’s experience at work.

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Use real data for real growth

Your company’s relationships live and grow in your contact center. Sharpen has figured out how to quantify and operationalize those relationships into agent development analytics for an entirely new way to think about growing your revenue. Using data from customer interactions, agent behavior, and individual performance, you have visibility into how your agents’ well-being pairs with customer satisfaction.

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Happier agents mean happier customers

Some 92 percent of consumers say an agent’s perceived happiness affects their customer experience. Agents are the drivers to customer satisfaction. So, give them the tools and training they need to serve your customers and their professional development, individually at scale. As agent experience improves, customer experience does too. And that yields repeat buyers, brand advocates and, ultimately, more revenue.

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Get truth you can act on

While today’s companies are using powerful data to get ahead of the game in customer experience, most leadership teams are still relying on gut instincts over individual metrics for agent development. When you’re ready to deliver the ROI your leaders are looking for on your contact center, AXS gives you real-time, individualized data to grow your agents and your bottom line.

The Business Impact of a Better Agent Experience

A better agent experience = a better customer experience.

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