Building a Team of Brand Ambassadors

We all love companies with sleek websites and promo materials – but brilliant branding only goes so far.  Engaging, effective brand storytelling actually comes for free from the inside of your organization – through each one of your team members.  At Fathom, we strive to focus on building a team that we believe in, that our leadership team trusts to create an organization and culture that each person can support and evangelize.  This ownership of our brand is at the core of being a “Fathomite”, and the beautiful thing is that it isn’t pre-made or manufactured.  It’s an organic, natural extension of who we are as a company and a team.

Each person on your team acts as a keyholder to your brand and overall success – so it’s critical to be intentional with each hiring decision and each step of the onboarding process.

It’s an exciting time in the Fathom Voice offices at the moment, as we kicked off our summer internship program just last week.  Our team was instantly energized by five talented college students that we are absolutely pumped to have with us for the summer.  Over the next few months they’ll have an expedited experience of life as a Fathomite, giving our team the chance to learn more about how to truly support the growth and development of our employees, as we support the interns throughout their time at Fathom.  Their internships will involve projects that will impact the core of Fathom voice – our actual product, how it is supported, and the business processes behind our work.  In their own words, the “real life resume stuff”.

From the moment the interns stepped in the office, it was clear that not only do they bring a unique sense of youth and energy to the teams they work with, but they are wonderful examples of the type of brand ambassadors that we all should be for our organizations.  They’re eager to jump in with both feet to make an impact immediately.  They represent the brand on social media – both often and in a positive light.  They understand that they have a limited amount of time to learn company processes – so they ask questions often and take every chance they get to expand their knowledge.  And most importantly – they love branded swag, and rock it whenever possible.

Would you consider yourself a brand ambassador?  How do you represent your company or brand on the daily?