customer service

Using Call Monitoring to Motivate

Many organizations have the ability to listen in on or hear call recordings of their sales and customer service representatives. This can scare some reps. They view call records as a weapon that will be used against them, instead of a business tool that will help empower them. So how do business leaders like you change their mentality? It’s easy. Here are a couple of ways that you can make call monitoring appear as a tool to your team:

  1. Gamify – Make call monitoring a game. Give reps a chance to win gift cards and reward them for asking the right questions and/or handling a difficult customer appropriately. Having an incentive for your team will motivate them to make successful calls. By focusing on the positive nature of their calls, it will ease the worry that you’re listening in on calls to find mistakes.
  2. Coach – Did you hear something you didn’t like? Didn’t hear something you should have? Use these opportunities to coach your team. Provide constructive criticism and put pressure on the process. This takes the pressure off of the individual and alleviates the anxiety of reps thinking they’re in trouble.
  3. Train – Use call monitoring as a highlight reel. When things go well save and share those recordings with your team and upper-level management. Call records are also great to use as tools when on-boarding new hires.
  4. Set Expectations – Set expectations for call monitoring and let your team know what you’ll be using it for. If your team doesn’t know how you plan to use call monitoring, they’ll start to think of worst-case scenarios. Letting them know how it will be used will help reduce anxiety and make them more open to the idea.
  5. Have Fun – Have fun with recorded calls. Put some high-energy background music to a good call or some Jaws theme music to a bad one. Just have fun with it.