Decreasing BDR Ramp Time 201

There’s a myth that good salespeople can sell anything — it’s not true. Any number of things can change the dynamic of a salesperson’s abilities and success, testing their ability to learn and flex with the demands of their role. Not all sales skills are transferrable. A great advertising sales rep selling tangible goods may not be a great software sales consultant.  A successful inside sales rep may flop doing face-to-face meetings.  So how do you rise above this potential pitfall?  With a solid plan for training and development.

Just because you hire an SDR with two years of experience that was consistently a top performer at their previous company, it doesn’t mean that they will automatically carry that success to their new environment.  Early and consistent training is important, but micro-managing can be harmful. Tools like Fathom’s Request Help functionality empowers agents to be independent but provides immediate access to subject matter experts. Post-call transcription can monitor how closely a rep is sticking to their script, acknowledging buying signals and asking for the appointment without having to have the manager on the call with them – freeing up time and allowing the rep to become more comfortable with their own style of selling.

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