Decreasing BDR Ramp Time 301

Salespeople are competitive by nature and are driven to win – so when “winning” is defined as achieving certain results, this can create a challenge as new BDR team members are getting up to speed. During the ramp-up period, sales leaders need to think beyond hard results and work to reinforce good behaviors that will lead to long-term success.

Not only does Fathom Q achieve this with gamification-focused features, but our customizable platform lets our clients determine what success looks like to them, on an individual or team basis. For outbound prospecting, reward BDRs who set appointments, who consistently record comprehensive notes, and who have an average talk time over three minutes. Real-time updates let everyone know where they stand and also allows them to offer praise to other teammates for their accomplishments.

Now that nearly 70% of SaaS company sales teams are front-ended by an BDR team, a discussion has been sparked on what is the quickest path to a positive ROI. Fathom Q’s toolbox of resources can help you quickly develop and scale your SDR teams, leading to more confident employees and a large bottom-line impact.

We’d love to share with you how we can help your team, so let’s talk!  You can also check out our posts about getting your new BDR hires up to speed quickly with training processes, and by focusing on sales readiness with your team.