Agent Empowerment

Fulfilling the Promise of Agent Empowerment [Webcast Recap]

In case you missed it, we’re recapping last week’s Agent Empowerment Webcast presented by Blair Pleasant of BCStrategies. We unpacked the idea of agent empowerment and what it means for customer satisfaction. Plus, we gave an introduction to BCaaS. We have resources to connect every part of a business, so entire enterprises can focus on serving customers. Here’s what we discussed.

Agent Empowerment – is it a mystery?

Contact centers face epidemic levels of agent attrition (45 percent) and CSAT scores that haven’t budged in decades. Research shows agent dissatisfaction severely curbs a positive customer experience, too. With problems like this persisting for years, you’d think agent empowerment is a mystery. It’s not. The real issue is a misplaced focus on lowering costs and not truly looking at the impact on customer experience. We forget there’s a personal aspect to agents helping customers – and we forget that empowered agents create happy customers. Conversations are great, but we need action to make a change.

“Agent empowerment is really about giving agents the tools they need to do the right thing. When agents are empowered and engaged, they can provide better customer care and do a better job.” – Blair  Pleasant

BCaaS – Business Communications as a Service

Technology is rapidly advancing, and it’s now more important than ever to choose whole-enterprise solutions and integrated tools for your business. IoT and mobile experiences (for example) give agents more tools at their disposal to help customers. When you invest in tools that work company-wide, you’re making a commitment to give your employees the right information to make smarter, faster decisions. When they can be smarter and faster, they have time to be more human and personalize experiences, too.

“The entire operation of a business needs to be focused on serving customers, even though not everyone is a front-line person on the phone.” – Murph Krajewski, VP of Marketing, Sharpen Technologies

AI and Bots – they’re not out to get us

We attacked the rumor that bots are taking our jobs. We like to think of them as assistants designed to make our lives easier. Like R2D2 instead of the Terminator. Automation is meant to leave more room for human interactions, not get rid of them. Use bots to eliminate waste and make agents more efficient.

The practical takeaway

Serving customers is everyone’s job. We need a cultural shift to engage entire companies, not just customer service teams. Start by encouraging everyone to prioritize your customers. Technology has evolved and can help companies communicate better. Instead of having silos, get tech solutions that work together and adapt to fit your business, not the other way around.

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