Five Reasons Your SMB Needs Call Technology

All businesses need telephone service and for small companies looking to grow, a reliable communication platform is necessary. More often than not, the first contact with the customer takes place over the phone. Not to mention, it’s the device that small business employees use to contact partners, vendors and fellow employees. Small businesses need reliable, feature-rich and cost-effective phone service.

Here are just five of the many reasons small businesses use cloud-based phone service:

No initial investment.
Traditional phone systems have overwhelming upfront costs. Equipment cost are high and installation fees must be paid. In addition, most service providers make companies purchase what they plan to use in the future. With cloud-based phone services, businesses only purchase the number of lines they need and add can lines as they grow. Adding and removing extensions is easy because cloud-based solutions are flexible and scalable.

No system maintenance.
Most small businesses don’t have a large IT staff, if one at all. With a cloud-based service, the system is managed off-site by the vendor. The company does not have to worry about maintenance or upkeep and employees can focus on other areas of the business.

No additional fees and charges.
Cloud-based voice solutions allow small businesses to experience Fortune 500 calling features at a price they can afford. Sophisticated features like auto-attendant, voicemail to email and find me are available to even the smallest of businesses at little to no additional cost.

No hassle.
Most cloud-based solutions can be managed online via a web portal. End-users can easily add or remove extensions, set up call flow paths and monitor call activity. They don’t have to contact their carrier every time they would like to make an adjustment to an extension, auto attendant, etc.

No missed or dropped calls.
With cloud-based phone service phone calls travel over secure call paths over the internet, or cloud, to the end user. The paths are encrypted and decoded to provide the most secure and reliable service possible, meaning your calls will not be dropped. Most services have multiple data centers and automatic failover, so in the event that a data center goes down, calls can be transferred within seconds to an alternative data center.