Why Small Businesses Switch to Cloud PBX

Phone service is often viewed by small businesses as an unwanted hassle, rather than an advanced communications tool. Today, phone service can integrate into almost every aspect of a company. This saves small businesses time and money, as well as produces more efficient calls, which leads to happier customers.

So why should your small business switch to a cloud PBX phone system? A cloud-based  phone system can help small businesses take advantage of the latest technology and provide you with advanced calling to make business more efficient.

Cost savings

Price is a huge factor for small businesses when upgrading technology. Yes, a new phone system can ease major pains and allow you to increase profits, but you have to be able to afford it first! Maintenance fees and upgrades to new technology can be overwhelming, but not with cloud PBX. The latest VoIP technology is extremely affordable.

Increased productivity

Small businesses are often short-staffed and have employees who wear multiple hats. A PBX phone system offers advanced call routing and call management, allowing your business to get the most out of your employees because they’re not fielding their co-worker’s calls.

Reliability & disaster recovery

A cloud PBX phone system like Sharpen has multiple points of redundancy built into the network to offer an extremely reliable phone service. Disaster Recovery options also allow small businesses to have peace of mind knowing they won’t miss any important calls if there is a major storm or power outage.

Added features

The features of a cloud-based phone system can give small businesses the communication capabilities of an enterprise-sized business. You can have the advanced calling features of a Fortune 500 company while spending hundreds less.