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Is It Too Painful to Switch To A Cloud Contact Center Platform?

“It’s too hard to switch to a cloud contact center platform.”“Implementation is a long, painful process.”“We’re already in contract with our on-premise vendor for another three years; it’s too much hassle to switch.”

Yes, yes and yes. We agree. Moving to a cloud contact center platform isn’t simple. There are many challenges and an undeniable investment of time.

…But, what if NOT switching is just as painful?

Sure, the status quo is easy now, but eventually, your legacy solution is going stand in the way of your contact center being technologically relevant, nimble, and ready for the future.

Debating making the switch? Here’s what we want you to know…

Digital Transformation in the Contact Center Cloud Migration:

Lessons from the Trenches

Thursday, May 23, 2019,
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