The Power of 17 Questions

In the market today there are many different people selling Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP.  I will be the first to tell you that some of Fathom’s competitors have great products, but the reality of the situation is most of our competitors have purchased their technology.  Who could blame them? Developing technology is hard (we invested 6 years of straight R&D)!

Fathom Voice did not buy a solution; we have the privilege of saying that we have built all of our technology.  Even better, our technology has been 100% developed by Fathomites, not outside firms.

So how can you pick out someone who is selling an off the shelf solution versus a truly revolutionary Cloud PBX like Fathom Voice? Ask them a list of non standard questions.

  1. In how many data centers does your IP-PBX run?
  2. How quickly can phones be repointed to a different data center?
    • Can you show me the process?
    • Can I do it myself?
    • How often do you test your failover policy?
  3. What database architecture are you running?
  4. What is the average latency of your network?
  5. How do you sync your data across data centers?
  6. How many physical locations is data replicated?
  7. Where do you purchase phone numbers?
    • Can I add numbers myself?
    • What is the turnaround time for adding a new number?
  8. What does Cloud PBX mean to you?
  9. How do you train people to use your product?
  10. How long does your onboarding process take?
    • Is it automated?
    • Who walks me through the process?
  11. What kind of analytics do you provide?
  12. What can I not do from your management portal?
    • What is the process if I need to make a change I can do in the portal?
    • How quickly can I expect to have this request finished?
  13. Do you have an API that I can pull call data into our CRM with?
  14. When was your last outage?
    • How long did it last?
    • What caused it?
    • Who fixed it?
    • May I have a copy of the Reason for Outage?
  15. How many outbound carriers do you have?
    • How many are direct relationships?
    • How many are indirect relationships?
  16. How often do you drop your LRN table?
  17. How quickly should I expect a response when I send in a support ticket?

Telecom is an old industry with many players. Some of these players are less fun to play with than others. Any sales person worth their salt will know the answers to these questions or be able to quickly get you the answers. If they don’t know the answer or give you a line about it being “proprietary” they are being disingenuous. And I would be hesitant to work with them.