Why You Need a CRM

CRMs are the brain power behind any good operation. But, as important as a CRM is to an organization, a good phone system and sales software (such as Sharpen), is vital to any sales or support organization. Combining these two resources essentially gives your Sales and Support team the ultimate powerhouse of tools in the palms of their hands.

To give you a better idea of what this looks like in practice, below are a few of the advantages you would get by trying a CRM (like Salesforce) and your Sharpen phone software:

Data at your fingertips: With Sharpen, you are able to pull and push information to and from Salesforce, giving your agents access to all of the relevant information while they are on a call. No more having to search through multiple records or tables to find the information you need.

Ability to log calls: Management is always looking to increase and track the amount of activity their users spend on each account, but currently this is a time consuming task of taking notes and then logging them separately in Salesforce. With Sharpen’s Salesforce integration, you are able to take notes in your Sharpen Dashboard and have these notes tracked directly in Salesforce. Draft the notes once and be able to move on to the next caller quickly and easily.

Click to dial: Sharpen’s Connect softphone takes the task of logging calls to the next level by enabling click to dial – you simply click on the number you wish to dial and the system will automatically call that number. Eliminate misdialing numbers and with Salesforce’s service,, you’ll never have the ‘I believe I have the wrong number’ again.

Although these are only a few advantages utilizing the resources additional features in Salesforce’s Apps center and the use of Sharpen’s workflows, the possibilities are endless.  We’d love to explore the options with you – so let’s talk!