Training Tools That Save Time and Effort

Managers are stuck. They’re struggling to train their people well because they spend 53% of their week searching for the very things that need their attention. Sharpen University gives managers more time by proactively monitoring all interactions and routing coaching opportunities to them. Now managers can spend their time where it matters most. Training agents.

Ever Wish You Had More Hours in the Week? Wish Granted.

From week to week, agents get only about 7% of their manager’s attention for training. Sharpen University fixes this by putting tools for coaching and feedback at their fingertips, so they can stay focused on developing agent skills. Interaction recordings and transcriptions make it easy for managers to give detailed feedback. Agents can then respond, for conversational coaching.

Better Training Without a Shutdown

Sharpen University delivers microlearning exercises in the agent’s queue. This in-line training helps agents learn with small, contextual lessons for improved retention and efficiency. No more shutting down operations for occasional training. Sharpen’s scheduling tools help make learning a part of the omni-channel workflow to create a better experience while maintaining SLAs.

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