Customer Surveys

Create better experiences using customer survey data

Understand what your customers want

Between 25% and 40% of your company’s total revenue comes from returning customers. Their happiness has a major impact on your bottom line. Using Customer Surveys, you can get an intimate view of what your customers think of your company, your agents and your processes. Then, you can use that data to optimize agent coaching and the holistic customer experience, without adding in extra steps for your customers.

csat survey setup

See detailed CSAT surveys

Create CSAT surveys asking the questions that really matter to your customers. First, decide on your questions, then send it out to your customer via email or through a text. Surveys can be sent after triggered events, at scheduled times or manually, whenever you want.

CSAT Actionbot

Trigger follow up actions based on responses

We’ve integrated Customer Surveys with Robotic Process Automation. Which means, you can create follow up activities like flagging an interaction for coaching review, creating and sending automated responses, or asking for or providing more information, just to name a few.

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report view

Add CSAT to your operational reporting

Get the full picture of your customer satisfaction in one place. Use Customer Surveys to measure your most accurate CSAT score. Then, look at that data against the other metrics you care about in Insights to see where your customers are happy and where your service teams’ agents could use extra coaching.

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Working Together Like Legos

Oh, and it’s included

The functionality and processes you use in your contact center should inherently work together, so we built them together from the start. Just like our omnichannel IVR, Action Bots, reporting and in-line training, Customer Surveys are included in implementation, so obviously, there are no additional costs or hidden line item fees.

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