Reporting Dashboards at a Glance

Create as many dashboards as you need for your team and supervisors, based on any metric

Easy-to-use dashboards

Design custom dashboards for anyone in your organization to hone in on the metrics they care most about. Create a dashboard of high-level performance metrics for your executives, or drill down into more granular metrics for individual agents and teams. Drag and drop the most critical reports to the top, then resize the tiles to emphasize the reports that matter to you most.

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Simple, relevant dashboards

At its core, the dashboard-building interface is a simple grid. Add reports and charts that are relevant, and skip the ones you don’t need. Then, resize and rearrange the containers inside your grid to prioritize data points that matter most to you. And, if you need help, we’re here to work with you to make them easy-to-use and read.

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Actionable data at a glance

Use dashboards to find more meaningful and actionable information at a glance. Use them to piece together data points from throughout Insights for a quick look at the complete customer experience. Then, using that data, make faster decisions to build an amazing experience in every interaction.

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dashboards are for sharing

Safely share your dashboards

Whether your executives want to see a quick and easy-to-read dashboard with relevant information, or your managers and team leads need specific data points to improve daily operations, you can securely share a dashboard to whoever needs to see it. Each dashboard has its own URL, which can be shared across your whole company. And, you can whitelist IP addresses outside of your organization to expand your reach.

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Use wallboards for performance management

Set clear expectations with agents and help them align their purpose with your company goals using wallboards. Because your dashboards are on a web page, they can display on any monitor, including large scale wall boards. That way, you can show the key performance metrics that matter most to your team on the floor for full visibility into which metrics you’re measuring and how the team is performing.