Developer Tools

Extend the platform to meet your unique goals

Build the next-generation of your contact center

Extend your platform to fit your specific contact center needs, without having to jump through hoops. Flexible development resources are available inside the platform and are included for all Sharpen customers through permissions. And the range of tools let you create consistent, customized experiences that fit your company goals.

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Customizable, open APIs

Our APIs are fully open, which means you can access the exact same APIs we use every day. The platform has a Developer Portal that you can access through permissions granted by a system admin. This portal lets you see all available APIs and their documentation so you can create the right experiences for your contact center.

Watch an On-Demand Demo

See how Sharpen can help your contact center when you watch this instant 15-minute demo.

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We’re here to help you customize

Without the restraints of inflexible legacy code, you’re free to dream bigger to solve customer problems. From full access to APIs and tools to build solutions unique to your company, to a team of CSMs and developers at your side, we’re here to help you eliminate friction and help you grow.

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Visual omnichannel routing & bots

Sharpen Logic gives you a visual representation of how interactions are routed in the platform. And, Actions are conditional events that are programmed to occur in the Logic node, to provide actionable results on both input data and information from external data sources, like your CRM or other third-party system. The combination of Logic and Actions gives developers a way to programmatically route interactions in specific and repeatable patterns.

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