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Open APIs make our platform your playground.
Our APIs are fully open, which means you access to the exact same APIs we use everyday. With over 100 APIs at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can do.
Not all documentation is created equal.
We believe documentation should be clear, concise and helpful. So, instead of wordy instructions and response example, we give you the ability to test our APIs in the interface.
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Yeah, you can do that.
Our platform was built by a tight-knit community of developers who are passionate about building software that doesn’t restrict the creativity of other developers. You’ll always have access to the APIs and the tools you need to build innovative solutions to your company’s biggest problems. We’re not stingy with our APIs because we want you to put our platform to the test. We encourage you to empower your own applications with things like Click To Call, SMS, and various telecom technologies like LRN/CNAM. Free from the restraints of inflexible legacy code, Sharpen’s platform is yours to customize. Best of all – our tight-knit community of developers are always eager to help. We love a good challenge, and we’re ready to work with you to eliminate any friction between you, the tools you need, and your creativity. With Sharpen, the old cliché is true – if you can dream it, our platform can do it.

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