Training and Documentation

We’re here if you need us, but we’re training you so you’re not forced to work through us

Starting up at your pace

Your professional services are scaled to fit your needs as part of your initial implementation. Then, both initial and ongoing implementation can include training, report building, system analysis, specific functionality and integration consultation. And enhanced support tiers are available if you need them, too.

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Customize your implementation

Our implementation teams help you get up and running, then help you become self-sufficient so you don’t have to depend on us for ongoing maintenance, though we’re still available if you need us. We usually recommend a 90-day timeline for a customized implementation that fits into six phases: kick-off, design, build, train, test, and go-live.

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Training doesn’t stop at implementation

Training is a combination of self-guided eLearning courses, product guides and instructor-led sessions conducted either virtually or in-person. Your initial implementation training is in a “train-the-trainer” format to help you become self-sufficient faster. Ongoing and on-demand self-training is available, for free, whenever you need it. And you get personalized training for new features and releases via monthly webinars, too.

Watch an On-Demand Demo

See how Sharpen can help your contact center when you watch this instant 15-minute demo.

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Help is always available

While we’re always available to answer questions and help you with best practices, you also have full access to our online Help Portal. In the portal, you’ll find detailed user and admin guides for instructions and best practices on managing and configuring the platform. These guides are updated as new functionality is released so you’re always in the know.

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Manage your application in a way that makes sense

Ongoing administration can be performed by one person or can be divided up between department managers through roles and permissions. You define your own user groups for continuous administration and your user settings. We’re available to help, but made it so you aren’t forced to go through us to make changes.