Getting Started with Sharpen

  • Who is Sharpen?

    Sharpen is the agent-first contact center company. We build technology that simplifies queue interactions and workflows to empower your agents and deliver a positive customer experience. We built our omnichannel platform in the cloud, for the cloud, to help your customer experience teams create better relationships with your customers by increasing agent efficiency and creating frictionless interactions.

    Sharpen provides upfront pricing based on functionality, and a user interface that allows our clients to quickly and intuitively manage their own contact centers.

  • What size contact centers does Sharpen support?

    We fit best with mid-sized contact centers with 100+ agents, but serve shops with 20+ agents and support the operations of large contact centers with more than 1000 agents, too.

    At Sharpen, we commonly begin our partnerships with contact centers of 50 to 750 agents. As we learn more about our clients and work together to reach their business goals, we scale to match their growth plans and peak-season needs.

  • Does Sharpen work for every industry?

    We have customers across a wide range of verticals including financial institutions, public utilities and hospitality services, and even healthcare. Our platform is flexible and can meet the needs of many contact centers, regardless of industry.

  • How does Sharpen’s platform work?

    Sharpen uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure and we host our platform functionality in multiple global regions. Here’s a little bit about our platform:

    • The strength and breadth of the AWS cloud infrastructure gives us redundancy and fault tolerance for a highly available platform.
    • We can scale services proportionally to our customer base, so we have the reliable (and quality) service our clients depend on.
    • We roll out new features continuously so customers have instant access to the latest platform updates.
    • Even with continuous deployment, our redundant architecture eliminates maintenance and downtime.

    See Platform Overview

  • Why Sharpen’s Different

  • What makes Sharpen different from other contact center vendors?

    An agent-first philosophy for a better performing contact center team that’s empowered to create an improved customer experience.

    See Agent Experience

    High-touch sales and service driven by a consultative approach that puts the client first for greater ROI.

    See High Touch

    A better pricing experience that offers transparent, simple pricing culminating in obvious value on the client’s terms.

    See ROI

  • How can I measure the success of Sharpen?

    Sharpen takes measuring ROI seriously. When a new customer implements our agent-first contact center platform, Sharpen’s data science team will collect your legacy system operational data and compare contact center performance before and after go-live.

    Our clients typically see over 10% improvement in their operational efficiency, leading to a significant overall return on investment. Many times, the savings equal more than the purchase price of Sharpen. Our teams work together to make sure you see real value and have tangible proof to bring back to your peers and leaders.

  • Why choose Sharpen over a larger competitor with better brand recognition?

    Sharpen’s leadership team is committed to creating a product that contact center agents love and empowering your teams to work passionately toward long-term growth. We’re nimble. As your business needs change, we can change with them. Without all the red tape. Being smaller than many of our competitors means our customers get direct access to us. Our customer conversations shape our product roadmap, our support and client success models, and how we communicate with you on a regular basis. No, we don’t have the name recognition of some of our peers. But that’s because we’re focusing our attention on you instead.

    Our customers agree:

    “We are just thrilled with the partnership and impressed with the speed and how easy it was for the agents to use. Sharpen really enabled us to be successful.” – Becky Gargis, Director of Customer Care for Radio Systems

    “Our CEO was very, very happy that we moved to Sharpen when we did.” – Jamie Bowden, Director of Member Services for Xyngular

    “It is ridiculously impressive to see how smoothly this has gone.” – Steve Gavanda, Evening Support Manager for ProPoint Global

  • Functionality & Pricing

  • Who does Sharpen integrate with?

    Our architecture uses REST APIs to integrate with third-party platforms that allow for open integrations. And, we have standard integrations already built for Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow. You can add integrations with compatible platforms to your implementation package as out-of-the-box integrations you can add to your implementation package for an additional fee.

    We’ve helped our clients build integrations to industry-specific CRMs and external databases to get contextual routing, interaction history, and screen pops with customer information. When you sign-on with Sharpen, you’ll work with our professional services team to explore specific integrations with other platforms that have open APIs.

    See Integrations

  • How much does Sharpen cost?

    Sharpen licensing fees are based on a per-user, per month basis. Sharpen Empower, our full contact center license is $139 per user, per month. We eliminate surprises and help companies clearly calculate operating expenses. When you get your invoice, you won’t have to call your CSM to help you dissect it.

    Oh, and we’re your telco provider, too. Sharpen offers telephony services within our platform for an additional cost, eliminating the need for more vendors. You and your IT leaders get centralized admin control of your entire contact center.

    See Pricing

  • Do you have UC as well as contact center functionality?

    We offer two different products for your contact center: Sharpen Empower, our cloud-native contact center platform, and Sharpen Connect, our unified communications app. Sharpen Connect is designed for your back office, UC and PBX user and doesn’t have queue functionality. It has features like ring groups, voicemail-to-email, conference bridge, and softphone capabilities.

    See Sharpen Connect

  • General Questions

  • Is Sharpen in the Gartner Magic Quadrant?

    No, we’re not in the Magic Quadrant. The average age of leading vendors in the MQ is about 22 years, and the average size is 2800+ employees. We’re just not there yet.

    We’re a relatively young company, but we have an executive team with more than 200 years of combined contact center experience. The majority of Sharpen’s board and executive leadership team share a common professional heritage: they served as senior leaders at Interactive Intelligence. The leadership that grew Interactive Intelligence from a startup through a successful IPO and acquisition by Genesys is now guiding Sharpen. That means our team has intimate knowledge of the pains contact centers face – plus how to solve them.

  • How long does it take to implement Sharpen?

    Sharpen recommends a 90-day timeline for initial implementation and creates further phase timelines based on your business needs. A Sharpen implementation team will always have a Client Success Manager (CSM) as the main Sharpen point of communication.

  • How can I learn more about Sharpen?

    Our sales team is on-deck and ready to chat with you to learn more about your contact center needs. Say hi!

    Call or text us at: 855.202.2007

    Email us at: sales@sharpencx.com

  • How do I contact customer support?

    Current customers can contact Sharpen’s customer care team by phone, email, chat, or logging into the Sharpen Service Desk.

    Phone: 855.249.3357

    Service Desk: Sharpen Service Desk

    Email: support@sharpencx.com

    Chat: Accessible via the app

    Our customer care team’s hours vary to meet your needs.

    For Critical (P1) Incident Response:

    Our team is available 24/7/365 (via phone)

    For P2-P5 Incident Response:

    You can reach out Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET (via phone, sevice desk, or chat)