Build Your Perfect Inbound Experience in Seconds

Create omnichannel user flows immediately (no coding necessary)

Help your customers faster

When your customers reach out to you, they want quick help, then they want to get on with their day. So, create custom inbound routes that let them communicate more effectively and efficiently without channel barriers. Using initial workflow routing to conditional automations, you can make it easy for your customers to interact.

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Give customers what they expect

When a customer tweets into your company for help, they’re expecting to get the same experience as someone who calls in. So start making your experiences consistent, and personalized, across the board. An omnichannel IVR replacement, like Sharpen Logic, can route customers to the right agent or Action Bot, based on contextual conditions, from every channel. That makes it easier for your customers to connect with you.

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Add consistency to your cross-channel experiences

Create a consistent, personalized customer experience on every channel. Sharpen Logic is a decision-making, omnichannel workflow builder that replaces traditional IVRs. With it you can build and edit interaction flows without writing code. And, you can use it in tandem with Sharpen Actions to pull in data from an integrated CRM to personalize interactions or trigger automations from conditions you’ve assigned.

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We’ll analyze your contact center data and share insights you can act on to improve your operations (no strings attached).

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“People who may usually come into the branch are starting to pick up the phone to call us, and then they’re never coming into the branch again because there’s really no need to. So where should our best experience be? Online and on the phone. And wherever our members choose to do business with us, we’re there.”

Matt Benidt, Chief Experience Officer,

Sandia Area Federal Credit Union

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Make experience your business

Every connection that’s made in your contact center can add automation in a way that’s private, yet personalized. Whether your agent is connecting to a webchat and needs data from your CRM or you need to find interactions to review for a coaching session, automations can help. Actions, a business automations tool, was built to help you optimize your customer experience.

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Simplify personalization at scale

Give agents more information about the customers they’re helping. Using Sharpen Actions, you can automate workflows and simple inquiries, and configure detailed conditional decisions to optimize the customer experience. Actions securely integrates to your customer data base, then decides on next steps based on conditions you’ve set up, letting you personalize every experience.

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