Easily connect to the systems that drive your business.
Create the contact center experience right for your agents and customers without creating more fragmented workflows. SharpenCX links all of your customer data in one place and keeps your data safe with world-class security.
Our platform has out-of-the-box integrations with the top CRMs and customer database tools you’re already using like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams and Zendesk. And our open REST APIs give you freedom and flexibility to build custom solutions to streamline your customer’s journey, improve interactions and secure data. SharpenCX integrates with any platform giving you control to create the contact center experience that works for your business.

SharpenCX + Salesforce

Get all of the features of SharpenCX inside your Salesforce environment. When agents accept inbound interactions, all lead, contact, account, and opportunity data associated with the customer pop up on screen. Then, in each ticket, agents can see past customer conversations from every channel and play previously recorded calls. If agents need to take payments, they’ll have full access to our secure payment portal. Then, a bi-directional sync automatically updates changes from one system to the other, so you’re not bouncing data between systems.

SharpenCX + Microsoft Teams

SharpenCX and Microsoft Teams work together, allowing you to connect your customer with the right person, at the right time — no matter the department. Agents can search contacts, view presence, and make telephony calls between the two systems via built-in Outbound Dialplan rules. Microsoft Teams users that receive a call can use the same tie-line to transfer calls into the contact center. No bouncing around in different systems to access subject matter experts. All users are available in the unified directory (for both outbound calls and transfers), complete with their status from Teams. Transfers to experts occur without hoops or barriers.


SharpenCX + Zendesk

Combine the power of an omnichannel contact center platform with the ultimate easy-to-use customer support tool. When an agent accepts inbound interactions, they can see every ticket associated with the customer and review past conversations from any channel. Access new cases, existing cases and end-user pages in Zendesk, based on user input or Logic choices. Process payments inside the secure payment portal without leaving Zendesk.

SharpenCX + ServiceNow

Personalize customer interactions and reduce wasted time for your agents with an out-of-the-box ServiceNow integration. Use Sharpen’s CTI out of ServiceNow to automatically connect a customer’s record with an incoming interaction. You can also push all interaction detail records automatically from SharpenCX into ServiceNow, without any manual work by your agents, so they can focus on helping customers. Automatically search any fields in Cases/Incidents, Accounts, or Contacts in ServiceNow to prioritize your customers and route them to the best agent.


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