The cloud-native architecture of Sharpen’s contact center platform allows companies to streamline IT processes, eliminate costly on-premise hardware, reduce overhead costs, and automate system updates.

Microservices architecture provides a resilient, stable platform.

Sharpen’s platform is built using microservices architecture that is composed of several autonomous services that operate independently from one another. This architecture allows us to develop, deploy, scale and update parts of our application quickly without disturbances to functionality. Most importantly, because the services are loosely coupled, the failure of one doesn’t impact the application as a whole.


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With several advanced data centers around the world, our platform is scalable, redundant and reliable.

With some of the most advanced data centers in the world, AWS is constantly expanding its capacity and access points – and when they grow, we grow. Anywhere they add a data center, we can replicate our application there and add server instances when needed. This ensures that no matter what geographic location a company is in, so long as they have Internet access, they will have unyielding and uninterrupted access to the application and their data.

Sharpen Data Center Map

Dedicated to maintaining compliance with international standards of security.

Sharpen’s platform uses AES 256-bit encryption, which is considered the gold standard of data encryption. In addition, we use AWS Key Management System (KMS), which provides another level of encryption and protection.

Our platform is also HIPAA compliant and offers a PCI-DSS compliant payment system.

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