Sharpen Logic

Your omnichannel replacement for IVR

A decision-making workflow that goes where your customers are

Traditional IVR lets callers choose their route from a list of automated prompts to filter them into the right direction. But that assumes two things: all of your interactions are on the phone, and your customers already know where they need to be routed. That just isn’t always the case. We built Logic, a decision-making, omnichannel “IVR,” to give your customers a consistent journey on any channel and to give them prompts to tailor their route based on their unique needs and your agents’ availability.

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Consistent, omnichannel experiences

Provide a consistent customer journey on every channel. Logic handles the intake of voice, chat, SMS, social media, and every other channel. Then, it can move an interaction, as needed. Say a customer tweets you to start a conversation, but their inquiry becomes too complex for Twitter, Logic can route them over to another channel, like a call, without changing platforms or disrupting the customer experience.

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Use Logic to trigger Action Bots

Configure your Logic workflow to prompt Action Bots that can intelligently automate responses, complete tasks, or trigger subsequent actions without the help of an agent. And, if a customer interaction becomes too complex or your existing customer data shows they’ll need personal assistance, route them to the most appropriate agent.

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Integrate with your customer database

Use the data you already have about your customers stored in a CRM or customer database to personalize interactions at scale, automatically. Action Bots are triggered inside Logic to grab data from your existing tools, look at the data, then make a decision based on what it finds.

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Watch an On-Demand Demo

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See where customers abandon

Logic and ACD aren’t just integrated, they’re built on the same platform, so they inherently work together. That means you can monitor your customer’s journey from Logic to ACD from a single source of truth, giving you deeper insight into call abandonment, and more opportunity to target optimization for a better customer experience.

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Track and refine your customer journey

All interaction data from Logic is displayed in Insights, giving managers a practical way to train agents. With full visibility into customer routing and interaction details inside Insights, you can see where processes are working and where gaps exist. Using this data, your team can create a more efficient Logic workflow and, ultimately, happier customers.

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Make changes with secure simplicity

Build and edit an interaction flow without writing any code. With Logic, contact center managers of all skill levels can comfortably optimize the customer journey without tagging in a third-party partner or systems administrator.