A workflow that goes where your customers are

Legacy IVRs are dead. They’re voice-only, complex, and messy. We’ve realized the IVR isn’t the future, so we made something new. Sharpen Logic is an omni-channel, decision-making workflow for contact centers that can route a customer’s communication journey with bots or agents, as needed, tailored to your company’s needs. It’s primed for voice IVR, chat, auto responders, agents, and multi-modal interaction to create a consistent experience for your customer, no matter how they choose to communicate with you.

Build a consistent customer journey from every channel

Give your customers the power to choose how they want to interact with your company, and still provide a consistent and personalized experience, no matter if they reach out through a phone call, a text, a chat or somewhere else.

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Automate Your Communication

Create a consistent communication flow for your customers, whether they reach out by phone, SMS, chat, email or anywhere in between. Use Logic to decide if an inquiry should go to an Action Bot to automate your customer journey or intelligently reroute to the right agent at the right time.

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Use the data you already have to automate decisions

Logic uses the data you already have about your customers in CRM or customer database to personalize interactions at scale, automatically. It’s the place where Action Bots are triggered to grab data from your existing tools, look at the data, then make a decision based on what it finds.

Streamline your omni-channel customer journey

Be where your customers are and move to where they need you to be. If a customer tweets you to start a conversation, but their inquiry becomes too complex for Twitter, Logic can route them over to another channel, like a phone call, without changing platforms or disrupting the customer experience.

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Tailored to fit your business needs

Logic and ACD aren’t just integrated; they’re built on the same platform, so they inherently work together. That means, you can monitor your customer’s journey from Logic to ACD in one place giving you more opportunity to target optimization for a better customer experience.

Find where your customer journey works

Capture all of your customer journey data in one place. With Logic, your teams can answer questions like where the journey is working and what’s causing pain or confusion. From these insights you can find where people are abandoning to create more efficient flows and happier customers.

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Powerfully Simple

Logic lets you build and edit your interaction flow without writing code. Now, contact center managers of all skill levels can comfortably optimize the customer journey without tagging in a third-party partner or systems administrator.

How it works

A traditional integrated voice response (IVR) lets your callers select from a list of automated prompts to route to the most appropriate resource. But that assumes two things: all of your interactions are on the phone and your customers already know where they need to be routed. That just isn’t always the case. We built Logic, a decision-making, omni-channel IVR, to give your customers a consistent journey on any channel and to give them prompts to tailor their route based on their needs and your availability to increase your call center’s productivity and the customer experience.

Logic handles incoming interactions on any channel to route customers to the best agent or intelligent bot to solve their issue.

Integrates with CRM or other database tools to reference data for trigger responses or actions.

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