Sharpen Empower

The all-in-one contact center platform built to make agents better

Connect without barriers

To compete in the experience era, you need to know every detail about your customers and anticipate the future. Only then can you build amazing experiences on every channel. Our multi-modal, omnichannel platform routes, measures and records customers the same on every channel and gives you the data in one place.

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Built in the cloud, for the cloud

Sharpen was built in the cloud, for the cloud. We didn’t migrate from an on-premises platform and try to piece together disjointed legacy standards. And, all your agents need to do their job is an internet browser. That gives you more flexibility, security and scalability so you’re free to think bigger.

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Scale up or down without impacting platform performance

We’ve used a microservices architecture that’s made up of several, autonomous services that work independent from one another. So, the load of one service doesn’t impact the performance of the others. That means we can scale faster with you and maintain availability if a service experiences a spike in demand.

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Your technology shouldn’t hold the keys to your experience

Giving your customers a consistent experience, no matter how they reach out, helps to strengthen their loyalty to your brand. And, giving your agents one, standout experience while they interact on every channel leads to a less confusing, more productive (and happier) work day. Using one platform to do both gives you peace of mind.

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Extend what’s possible

Extend the availability of what’s in the Sharpen platform into your own environment. We built Sharpen so you can securely put data in or take it out to give you more flexibility. Purchase and route numbers in the platform, then have programmatic access to call control and interaction data. Create add-on tools that make sense or totally customize your configuration.

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Stop dropping your calls

While digital channels are quickly becoming a favorite for your customers, most of your interactions still happen over the phone. That means, you need a provider that you can trust won’t cut off your calls mid-interaction and works seamlessly with your contact center platform.

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We’re the telco provider, too

Sharpen was originally designed as a telco platform. We added contact center functionality to telco, to give you an all-in-one platform that’s inherently built to work together. That means, we’re the telco provider. Cutting out the need for more vendors and giving you clean, clear communicating power.

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