Platform Overview

Platform Overview

SharpenCX is the call center software that delivers engaging agent and customer experiences. Anywhere, anytime.

Implement with Ease

Deploy easily with minimal onboarding time. We can scale quickly to meet spikes in demand – which means you can too. Use AI-supported decision-making and automated workflows to create a responsive systems architecture. SharpenCX was built in the cloud, for the cloud, and all your agents need is an internet browser.

Intelligently Connect Your Favorite Applications

Integrate with your existing communication, productivity, and workflow tools. Use our no-code/low-code interface or deploy out-of-the-box integrations with the top CRMs and customer database tools. Open REST APIs give you the flexibility to build custom solutions to streamline your customer’s journey. If you need help with integrations, our team is here for you.


Data, Dashboards, Analytics, Your Way

Turn your data into information. Our multimodal platform routes, measures and records customer interactions the same on every channel, giving you all your data in one place. Your customers enjoy a consistent experience, no matter how they reach out, and your agents do, too.

AI and Configuration with Clicks – Not Code

Stop worrying about how to use your tech and focus on strengthening relationships with your agents and customers. Deliver superior customer experiences through AI-supported decision-making and automated workflows. Data-driven guidance empowers agents to deliver superior customer experiences, every time.


“The beauty of Sharpen is that it gives us a single, easy-to-use system for flexibly monitoring, scoring, and coaching agents. The platform’s use of analytics aggregates all this data to give us insights based on what’s uniquely important to us. And this functionality is included. Those are typically expensive add-on features with other vendors.”

John Hunt, Senior Director of OperationsOnPeak

Support Your Agents’ Professional Growth

Foster agent engagement and development with timely, automated self-coaching. Our performance management features coaches your agents to do their best work and learn as they go. They gain real-time visibility into their work, with scoring metrics against specific targets and peer groups — all without leaving their queue.

Obvious ROI

Flex with onsite, remote, or hybrid workflows in an easy-to-use interface. Choose the agent support and monitoring metrics that matters most to your organization and build system-wide reports using point-and-click tools. Guarantee ROI with custom analytics, defined by you, and see measurable improvement in service efficiency.


See SharpenCX in Action

Watch a personalized demo to learn more.