What is CPaaS?

The Communications Platform as a Service market can be tricky. Building your own applications gives you complete control over your entire communications system. It also makes you a competitor in an industry that’s likely not your core focus. The key lies in finding balance. A platform that gives you full core communications functionality, and the tools to extend them in the specific direction your business needs. Welcome to Sharpen.

Let us worry about telco

Sharpen is a registered telco carrier, which makes your life easier. Provision and route numbers from 60+ countries in under a minute. Shedding telco headaches lets you focus on connecting agents to customers.

You Choose How to Connect

Quality connections that work how you want them to. Sharpen gives you complete programmatic access to our platform using simple, powerful, and secure APIs – the same ones our product is built on. Purchase and route numbers globally, develop add-on tools or dive deep for a totally customized configuration.

Build Better Applications Faster

Write your own applications using [dot]CX. It’s the first object-oriented language focused on customer service. It’s serverless, hosted on our platform, and ready for you to write, test, and roll out unique apps fast.

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