Unlocking Customer Service

C-Suite leaders and customer experience experts explain how prioritizing frontline employees leads to higher productivity, better customer service, and more revenue.

Introducing Sharpen’s Podcast: Unlocking Customer Service

Tune in for Sharpen’s inaugural season of Unlocking Customer Service where C-Suite leaders and customer experience experts explain how prioritizing front-line employees leads to higher productivity, better customer service, and more revenue.

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Ep. 1: How People and Process Power Better Customer Service (with Laura Sikorski)

People and processes are the real turbines powering your business and defining your customer experience. Learn why Laura Sikorski, contact center operations and technology expert, says the best businesses nail down their processes and support their people before investing in modern technology.

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Ep. 2: How Customer Rage, Delight and Employee Frustration Align (with John Goodman)

Turns out, customer rage, customer delight, and employee frustration all impact your customer service experience in big ways. In this episode, we’re talking to John Goodman, Vice Chairman of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCMC) on these three pieces of customer experience and why they matter to you.

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Ep. 3: How Leaders Can Transform Employee Behaviors for a Better CX (with Chip Neidigh)

Tune in to hear Chip Neidigh, CEO and Founder of Kairos, an executive coaching firm, explain how to address and change employee behaviors at their root. Instead of coercing behaviors that will eventually fade, Chip explains what steps you can take to drive lasting transformation in your customer service organization.

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Ep. 4: How Remote Work Helps Contact Centers Hire & Keep Top Talent (with Kate Brouse)

Kate Brouse, Head of Strategic Partnerships for the National Telecommuting Institute (NTI), explains the benefits of remote work for your employees, your customers, and your revenue. Learn why so many companies plan to make remote work a permanent fixture and how you can successfully do the same.

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Ep. 5: What the Exec Team Needs to Know About Contact Centers (with Joe Staples)

In today’s episode of Unlocking Customer Service, we’re answering the question: what do executives really need to know about their contact centers? Contact center industry veteran Joe Staples joins us to talk about the impact of a contact center on a company’s success, and he explains why every exec needs more than a 100-foot view of what’s happening in their customer service department.

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Ep. 6: How to Balance Efficiency and Quality for an Outstanding CX (with Matt Benidt)

​​We sat down with Matt Benidt, Branch Banking Operations Group Director at Western Alliance Bank, to find out what it takes to deliver outstanding customer service. Leaders have to strike a balance between efficiency and quality, and today, technology exists to tip the scales in your favor. Learn how Matt’s created member loyalty at the banks he’s worked for and what he sees as the formula for success.

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