Quality Management in Sharpen

Help agents help customers

Simplify agent development

Have quality management as a part of your contact center functionality, inherently, with no additional licensing or fees. All communication types in the contact center, like voice, email, chat and SMS can be evaluated using scorecards. And, our quality management works with interaction recordings and Insights so scorecard data can help you quickly find and act on coaching and development opportunities as a part of your daily operations.

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Create customized scorecards

Customize your priorities for quality management in your contact center. First, figure out which questions to include on your scorecard. Then, assign weights to the questions, based on your goals. And once you’ve created your scorecards you can assign them per queue.


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Trigger conversational coaching

Set up a workflow to automatically find and preemptively route interactions ideal for coaching using Sharpen Logic and Actions. Or create a specific queue for recordings to be evaluated. And, if you need to, manually search for a specific customer history to score and coach on. Then when an interaction is scored, your agent can see that interaction’s recording in their own history and in an email, which shows all of your comments, and the total score.

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Add contextual feedback to agent queues

Help your agents improve their performance by giving them contextual feedback right to their queue. Configure Logic and Action Bots to automatically deliver instructional microlearning lessons into agent queues so they can see your feedback highlighted in the interaction transcript and the completed score.