A Reliable Platform Built For You

Success is built on trust, and trust happens on a reliable platform

Keep your functionality stable, no matter what

The cloud-native architecture of our contact center platform lets you streamline your processes, eliminate on-premises hardware expenses, cut overhead costs, and eliminate your system updates. That means, you’ll have more time to improve, secure and innovate your own processes and systems, while knowing your contact center will stay consistently stable.

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Get new features fast, without interruption

Our platform is built using a microservices architecture that’s made up of several, autonomous services that function independently from one another. That means, we can develop, deploy, scale and update parts of our application fast, without any disturbances to functionality. And, most importantly, because the services are loosely coupled, the failure of one doesn’t impact the application as a whole.

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Build amazing experiences everywhere

The load of one service doesn’t impact the performance of any of the others. That means we can scale faster with you and maintain availability if a service experiences a spike in demand. And, because of the flexibility of our hosting (AWS), we can spin up new resources instantly, meaning they’re instantly available, too.

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Be confident in your functionality

Service independence increases our resistance to failure, letting you stay confident in your functionality. We have a failover architecture and data redundancy, paired with a financially-backed 99.999% uptime SLA. So, if the unexpected happens and a server fails or loses data, it won’t impact you.

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Keep security your priority

Each microservice is designed with its own data security protocol and isolated data. And, each has its own controls around data security, like multi-factor authentication, secure development processes and AWS security. In other words, the resilience of our platform doesn’t mean there are more places to get to the data.

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