Support Your Remote Agents

Stay productive and aligned, no matter where your agents are working

Work from anywhere

Give your agents the autonomy and flexibility to work anywhere, and still get the same experience as they would sitting in the office next to you. Sharpen was built in the cloud, for the cloud. So as long as you have an internet connection, you have a fully functional, extensible platform to help solve customer problems. That means, instead of spending your time figuring out how to get agents up and running, you can focus on developing their skills and performance.

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Happy agents get better results

When your agents have the tools and training they need to be successful, they can focus on giving customers standout experiences. It shouldn’t matter if they’re in the office, at home, or somewhere else. Equip your agents to interact on any channel, from anywhere, to solve customer problems faster and more effectively. When you do, they’ll be happier and customers will get better service.

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Lead the way to next-gen customer service

As long as agents have an internet connection, they can take interactions – whether it’s a call, text, video or anything in between – from anywhere. And, you get the data from every channel in one place. That means you can spend more time finding patterns in customer behaviors and developing your agents, instead of spending your days digging through data.

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We’ll analyze your contact center data and share insights you can act on to improve your operations (no strings attached).

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“Sharpen has made it incredibly easy to manage all these remote agents. I can literally whip out my iPhone and set a new inbound call route in one minute.”

John Hunt, Senior Director of Operations,


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Consistent and reliable experiences build loyalty

Your customers expect the same experience whether they’re walking into your brick-and-mortar storefront, picking up the phone to call in or starting up a webchat. So give it to them. Work with your agents to streamline processes and empower performance by setting expectations for customer experiences. Then, use our flexible platform to help them consistently meet or exceed those expectations in every touchpoint.

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Reliably work from anywhere

The cloud-native architecture of our contact center lets your agents reliably work from anywhere, without sacrificing quality or clarity. Whether you’re in the office or leading a team of remote agents, your experience will look and feel the same both to the agents and to your customers.

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It should be easy for your agents to interact with customers

The faster an agent gets relevant data during an interaction, the happier a customer is. But, when they have to search through 8 different screens to find disparate parts of a customer’s history, they’re just not equipped to give really great experiences. So, help them do their jobs better. Give them more data to personalize interactions and improve productivity by bringing relevant customer data into one screen.

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We work with what you already work with

Put all of the data your agents need to do their jobs well inside an environment that they’re already familiar with. We’ll help you stand up any of our out-of-the-box integrations so you can extend the platform. Or, we’ll work with you to create custom integrations. The entire platform is built on an open and extensible platform, which lets you turn the tech you already have into customer experience tech, too.

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