Reporting using Sharpen

Understand what data you have, and what you need, to make smart decisions in your contact center

Make your decisions based on data

Have more flexibility in analyzing interactions and activities in your contact center using custom reports. Insights lets you manage all default reports in your account and any custom reports that you create. This gives you the power to make more informed decisions and take the right actions to improve overall operations, including both the agent and customer experience.

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Keep your call recording data

Your ability to record all of your calls is absolutely fundamental to the core of the Sharpen platform. All of your call recordings are stored for the lifetime of your contract. Recordings are encrypted both in transit and at rest. And, they can be exported or individually downloaded for external storage.

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Secure call transcriptions

Improve your contact center processes by knowing what’s happening during customer interactions. Speech-to-text transcriptions simplify how you keep pulse on agent performance and uncovers coaching and training opportunities faster, while keeping you compliant. Transcriptions of all voice- and text-based interactions are stored, securely, in the platform and are available when you need them.

Watch an On-Demand Demo

See how Sharpen can help your contact center when you watch this instant 15-minute demo.

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Create custom derived fields

Extend and transform your reports into more meaningful information using custom derived fields. Use existing fields, summary functions and groupings from inside the reporting database and turn them into new fields that can be used across all of your reports. And, once constructed, they’re available across the entire organization, too, just like any standard field. That lets you save time and make better decisions based on fields most relevant to your specific KPIs.

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Make decisions using historical data

Your data tells the story of your customers’ experiences. And, having all of the reporting data points available, for the history of your contract, lets you find patterns, replicate success and fix areas of vulnerability in the customer journey. And, our team is available to help if you need it.

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Have real-time data, too

Know what’s happening, as it happens. From the moment an interaction enters a queue, Insights records all interaction and agent activity data, across all interaction types and channels. By creating custom dashboards, virtually all endless data can be accessed in a clear and easy-to-interpret format.