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Help your agents smash their goals at work while giving your customers the best experience they’ve ever had with your brand, every single time they interact with you. When you hit Get Started, one of our experts will reach out for a five-minute call to see if we’re a good fit for you. Or, give us a call or text at 855.202.2007.

With Sharpen, you can:

  • Keep your agents on one interface, no matter what channel your customers are reaching out on;
  • Build and modify your customer journey without tagging in IT or a third-party;
  • Rely on a Sharpen CSM that’ll stay with your account for the life of your contract;
  • See the entire contact center product at a single, transparent price point with no hidden fees. Ever.

“Sharpen’s intelligent routing and callback capabilities have helped us reduce hold times by about 75%. This, among other capabilities, have helped our contact center maintain an average 95% customer satisfaction rating, which is higher than our overall company rating of about 93%.”

John Hunt, Director of Operations