See 5-15% improvement in agent efficiency in 60 days or get your money back using Sharpen in your contact center. No questions asked. No strings attached.

See 5-15% Improvement in Agent Efficiency in 60 Days

No fine print. No gimmicks. No tricky math. We’re so confident you’ll see real ROI, we’re financially guaranteeing it. (We’re talkin’ money in the bank, obvious value to you, “My boss is going to lose his s#!t” real ROI.) Companies using our agent-focused omnichannel tools, deep analytics, powerful reporting and smart performance management, understand how and when to make intentional decisions to improve their operations. And now you can too, without the risk.

Calculate your return on investment to see what you could be saving with Sharpen.

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How It Works

  • Get ROI on your terms, not ours. Choose the three metrics that matter most to your contact center to monitor.
  • We’ll help you establish baseline performance, see the lift and realize the ROI. (We’ll also make sure you get full credit from your CEO.)
  • Your agents will learn our agent-first tools in no time. They’ll love the system, they’ll work to be the best, and your customers will notice.
  • If you don’t see at least a 5% reduction in required agent hours, you can walk away with a 100% refund. We’ll still be friends! (But, we expect you’ll see more like +15%.)

“We don’t have partners ever come by and SHOW us the ROI. They’ll talk about it, but they never show us. This is really great.”

Becky Gargis, Director of Customer Care,

Radio Systems, Corp., parent of Invisible Fence, PetSafe, SportDOG

ROI Right Facing Laptop

Know Where You’ll See A Return 

Using Sharpen, Sandia Area Federal Credit Union saw first contact resolution improve by 6 points to over 85% and, at the same time, marked their highest CSAT ever. Another fintech client with more than 1,000 agents estimated an $800,000 annual savings after a 4.7% improvement in average handle time. Customers are seeing tangible ROI, fast, when they move to Sharpen and you can too – we guarantee it.