Teams stay on track with standardized sales cadences.

With multiple touch points and messages, it can be hard for sales teams to effectively manage and follow a sales cadence. With Sharpen, supervisors can build out multiple campaigns that run simultaneously, each with their own custom cadence complete with preloaded message templates, notes, and touchpoints. Sales teams can spend less time managing the cadence and more time touching base with prospects.

Multiple campaigns, individual reports.

For businesses that run multiple sales campaigns, reporting on those campaigns can be difficult. Most contact center software for sales teams will only offer insights on the campaigns collectively – not individually. With Sharpen’s reporting tools, supervisors can get information on campaigns individually, even if they’re running simultaneously.

Reporting Hover Graph

Communicate with prospects beyond phone and email.

Sharpen’s omni-channel platform allows companies to stand apart from the competition by giving prospects the freedom to choose the communication channel that works best for them. Agents can manage text, phone, email, live web chat, social and more in a single platform, so that conversations happen in one interface with the data they need at their fingertips. It’s convenient for the prospect and easy for the agent to get in contact, stay in contact and close the deal.

Web Chat to SMS to Phone

Train using real sales calls.

When it comes to sales, one phone call can either make or break the deal. With Sharpen’s coaching feature, supervisors can use recording of past calls to help an agent identify areas of opportunity that they may have missed. While listening to the recorded call, supervisors can select a part of the conversation on a visual waveform and add feedback using color coded comments.

The agent can then go in to review and respond. Training becomes more impactful, more frequent, and more efficient. This leads to confident agents who are better prepared to close the deal.

Coaching Screenshot

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