One Interface, Endless Possibilities

Give your agents a user-friendly platform that helps them do their jobs and create unforgettable customer experiences

Your agents shouldn’t have to dig for customer information

Agents need to see your customer’s interaction history, from every channel, in every touchpoint, on one screen. That’s why we made Sharpen the way we did. With our simplified interface, agents get deep customer profiles to see past interactions and historic data. That means, they can personalize experiences, spend less time searching for data and serve customers faster. And, customers can interact without having to rehash their pains over and over (and over) to new agents if they escalate or have to re-engage with you.

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Meet customers where they are, wherever that is

Successful agents have the knowledge and tools they need to interact with customers, regardless of the channel they’re interacting on. The better they’re equipped, the higher your customer satisfaction, loyalty and first contact resolution. And, the more empowered they are to solve real problems, without having to escalate every interaction. That leads to lower costs to serve and higher customer (and employee) retention.

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Omnichannel that works for your agents and customers

Let agents focus on why your customers are reaching out, not how. Using Sharpen, your agents can move between channels with a toggle of a button, without changing screens or stopping the interaction. And, you get all of the data in one place so you can build reports fast with insights from every channel.

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Stop searching for customer data

When your agents have to move between screens to get the information they need to resolve a case, they’re less efficient. And, they don’t have the tools they need to create really great customer experiences. In fact, if an agent that takes 160+ interactions a day spends 30 seconds in each of those interactions just looking for the customer data they need, you’re losing 15 working days per year. Per agent. So, bring your customer data together in one interface so they can stop searching between a sea of screens and start satisfying more customers.

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Connect your customer data and interaction history

Put all of your customer data into your agents’ desktops using an environment they’re already familiar with. We’ll help you stand up any of our out-of-the-box integrations to connect your customer database with our platform. Or, we’ll work with you to build a custom integration using our open REST APIs, so agents can see past conversations from all of your active channels inside your customer database.

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