Access to the actionable data you need to track KPIs and meet your goals.

Dashboard Builder

Stock reports do a great job of telling you how many or what percentage – but what about the why, the how and who? We’ve built the most powerful reporting tools in the industry that offers in-depth customization, analysis and insight you need to accurately and efficiently report on KPIs and operational goals.

Sharpen’s reporting eliminates the need to piece together multiple reports to calculate important metrics. With over 20 pre-defined fields, you can mix and match data to build a report specific to your needs. And, summary functions make it easy to calculate important KPIs like average handle time, abandon rate and service level by adding simple calculations to reports (average, min, max and sum).

With a comprehensive supervisor dashboard and customizable reports, Sharpen’s contact center platform gives you the data you need to ensure your team is operating at their best.

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Help agents optimize their career success with conversational coaching.

Coaching Screenshot

Coaching and training is essential to developing confident and knowledgeable agents, but it can be a timely task to provide individual training to each agent on your team. Sharpen’s training tools are designed to make training efficient and personalized, so you can consistently coach your agents and provide relevant feedback.

With Sharpen, using recorded customer conversations as interactive training opportunities is easy. Because all omni-channel data and media is stored in the call detail record, you don’t have to dig through various systems to find specific interactions.

Using a search function, you simply type in the criteria you’re looking for, select the record, and then review it in collaborative training module. Color coded annotations and comments can be added to sections of the call or transcript, which can then be reviewed and responded to by the agent or other supervisors.

And don’t worry – we don’t limit data and media storage. You can store and retrieve all your data for the life of your account without any extra charges.

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The Business Impact of a Better Agent Experience

A better agent experience = a better customer experience.

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Call transcriptions make it easy to monitor performance, quality and compliance.

Recording & Transcription

Call transcription is not only a great way to keep important records for compliance purposes, but it can also help you search, find and review specific calls. Sharpen’s call transcription search tool gives you the power to comb through thousands of customer calls by keyword or phrase within seconds.

For example, you can quickly pull every call mentioning a specific product or any call containing the phrase “speak to a supervisor.” Analyzing calls that include common phrases or words can provide operational or compliance insights that numerical reports wouldn’t reveal.

Call transcriptions are also easy to review. A split-screen interface presents both the recorded call waveform and transcription text. This allows you to easily follow along with the audio recording or locate and skip to various parts of the call.

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Our Scorecard app inside the platform lets you ditch the spreadsheets for good.

Sample Scorecaard

Sharpen lets you score calls and gather the quantitative data you need to measure and improve performance of your agents without ever leaving the platform.

Our easy-to-use, customizable solution gives you complete control over the call scoring process. The metrics you measure are up to you – you write the questions, choose the response format and decide how they are weighted. If you manage multiple queues, you can create a unique scorecard for each.

When you’re ready to analyze the data collected, simply run a report to measure your agents’ performance.

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