Sharpen Telco

Keep your vendor management under control by getting telco as a part of your contact center platform

Simplify your contact center tech stack

Eliminate technology and data silos by including telco services in your platform. Sharpen is a registered telco carrier, which consolidates the number of vendors you need to run a fully functional contact center. And, it lets your admins provision numbers in the system, in real-time, to avoid downtime.

telco usage graph

Reliably modernize your telco services

Have reliable, redundant service and minimize unplanned downtime by adding disaster recovery. Our engineers monitor telephony metrics, network load, and capacity as a part of our support services. If there is a detected outage, services will failover to a secondary carrier. When added, no additional effort is needed from users or admins to access this redundancy. 

telco usage graph

Improve performance with a platform built for scale

Simplify capacity planning with a platform that’s built to scale with you. Configure your service to expand or contract on demand. If you have an expected spike in volume for seasonality or a special event, we’ll work with you to make sure the expected capacity is available to prevent any interruptions. 

Add direct lines when and where you need them

Add and provision direct inward dialing (DID) numbers inside the Sharpen platform. Each user license includes one US DID number, no matter where in the world your users are located. And if you need more, they’re available for $1 each when you need them.

Scale toll-free & other usage

Provision toll-free numbers in the platform as you grow. Each US toll-free number is $10 a month. International toll-free numbers are also available and priced according to the geography. If you’ve forecasted your usage, tiered rates are available if you prepay and pre-commit. And, SMS is available for $0.01 per message.