Speech-to-text transcription is a powerful tool that allows you to improve processes, ensure compliance, monitor agent performance, and uncover training opportunities. Sharpen uses advanced speech analytics to give you more accurate results with greater context. Our technology provides you with full-conversation transcripts, stored securely in the platform and accessible when you need them.

And because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay extra for features that support the success of your agents, we don’t charge extra for transcription. Not per word, per call, or for storage.

Experience our transcription tool first-hand with our interactive demo below.

To get started, watch this quick overview video to learn how the tool works. After the video, click an area of the recording to begin the interactive demo.

Build better workflows and training.

Actual customer interactions provide great insight into what works and what doesn’t, but listening to hours of audio to find that one specific call is unrealistic. With Sharpen’s transcription, you can streamline your search by searching for a keyword or phrase to find specific calls. This allows you to spend less time locating problems and more time developing solutions.

For example, let’s say you’re experiencing an increase in calls being transferred to a supervisor, and you want to figure out why. You can search your indexed transcriptions for the word “supervisor” and review just those specific calls. With a quick scan of the transcripts, you can find the commonalities in the calls and build new workflows or develop agent training to address the problem. You’ll have a better understanding of issues affecting agents, and agents will feel better equipped to do their jobs.

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Monitor compliance.

Call transcriptions are valuable for keeping your contact center’s adherence to compliance. Our platform allows you to scan millions of calls in seconds to find a specific interaction, or flag and review any call that contains a certain word or phrase. All transcriptions can be searched and reviewed quickly, so that you can conduct internal reviews more efficiently. You’ll help your contact center remain compliant, find potential vulnerabilities, avoid fines and keep customer data safe.

Improve sales performance.

There are several ways to use call transcriptions to keep your sales team on track and make data-backed adjustments to your sales strategy.

Imagine having the intel you need to pinpoint exactly why your sales are increasing or decreasing. Call transcription is an efficient way to find the correlation between the conversations your sales team is having and sale volume. For example, you can search for the word “upgrade” and uncover how many times, and which reps, attempted to offer an upsell. With this information, you can determine if sales are being impacted by upgrade offers or other factors. You can provide your sales team with specific directives to improve their sales.

Transcriptions are also a valuable resource of competitor insight. By searching call transcripts for mentions of competitor brands, you can uncover things like unadvertised offers, or why customers chose them over you. With this information you can re-evaluate your offers or make changes to your product to stay competitive.

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