Webtext Messaging

Webtext Messaging

Transform your voice-only call center into an omnichannel customer experience through digital messaging, webchat, and social channels.

Transform Your Voice-Only Call Center

Webtext Messaging allows your customers to connect in a way that’s convenient for them – and effective for you. By offering cloud-native digital channels like SMS text messaging, web chat, video calls and digital messaging, Webtext rapidly transforms your voice-only call center into an omnichannel customer experience. We connect with on-premises systems to quickly enable digital channels to meet customers where they are.

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Advanced Campaign Management with Intelligent Reply Control

Easily send and receive SMS messages using our cloud-native campaign manager tool designed for high volume, automated SMS campaigns. Intelligent reply controls forward messages and their replies based on criteria such as time, content, etc. to databases, live contact center agents or AI virtual agents. Automated voice callback requests are also possible. Our advanced API feature set is pre-deployed in the cloud and is ready for immediate use without any license restrictions.

Meet Customers in their Preferred Channel

Rapidly deploy a cloud-based solution that brings omnichannel customer experience capability to your existing contact center. An agent can have multiple conversations with customers via SMS and MMS, webchat, and social channels (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, etc.) at the same time. The solution works with your existing contact center voice service allowing customers to connect in ways that are convenient for them using their choice of digital channels.

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Video & Messaging for your Contact Center

Quickly enable cloud-based messaging capability to your existing contact center with Webtext Messaging through three touch points:
1. Agents via chat
2. Call deflection from the IVR
3. Voice agents via text message to callers

Connect to Existing Contact Center or CRM Systems

Our cloud-based solution connects tp your existing on premises or cloud contact center and/or CRM. Quickly and easily add messaging to your Cisco, Avaya, Five9, Oracle or Salesforce environments.

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“Our customers demand Omnichannel solutions for their Cisco Contact Center Express contact centers. Webtext provides exactly what AOS customers need - an out of the box messaging solution which revolutionizes customer experience.”

Jon Helmer, VP of Cisco Programs
Alexander Open Systems

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