Sharpen Community Workforce Management

Workforce management that leads to measurable results

Give customers, and agents, what they need for a better experience

Sharpen Community Workforce Management helps you manage, forecast and schedule the right number of agents, with the right skills, at the right time to give your customers the best experience. And, it’s designed with the agent in mind, so your processes can accommodate their unique needs.

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Multi-site management and oversight gives you more control

Forecast and schedule for your entire organization or segment down by location, business unit or department. With multi-site management and oversight, you have visibility and customization options at both the high-level and in deep segmentation. That way, you get more accurate analytics and forecasts for your contact center operations.

Multi-site Management

Create more accurate forecasts

Have several modeling algorithms at your disposal so you can create a more accurate forecast. Sharpen Community helps you to forecast your demand and staffing needs based on season, date, range, or other data configurations. This lets you have the right resources available to meet your service level agreements.

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Make schedules that work for your team

Choose the participants of the schedule and the forecast, and the system will optimize based on hours of availability, projected volume and demand. It’ll also take into consideration individual agent schedule preferences and schedule templates. Then, you can customize the schedule as needed. Once set, notify agents with a text or email. Or, if they’re logged into the queue, send them a desktop pop-up or a push notification from the mobile app.

community schedule

Dig into adherence details

Have the ability to see if the agents you’ve scheduled to work are, in fact, in their seats. You get insight into what agents are doing, whether they’re logged in, paused, or if they missed a call. If an agent isn’t responding to interactions, dig into the details further and see what the events were that caused them to be out of adherence, and what the severity of the violation is. That way, you can adjust the schedule of other agents to pick up any slack and make sure agents are where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there.