Do More Than Manage Your Workforce… Engage Them

Forecasting, Scheduling, Tracking… check. Now, Go Farther.

Everything Sharpen creates is focused on improving the lives of agents and supervisors. Of course scheduling helps to direct people, but what if it could also help to improve them?

Big Data is Easy to Use

Use Sharpen’s deep, complete data to forecast for all activity types, all channels, queue activities, and even in-line agent training.

New to Sharpen? Not to worry. Bring your old data with you, import it into Sharpen Tables, and use it for forecasting and reporting.

Total Visibility for Better Coaching

Get a high-level view of queue activity, or by-the-minute granularity for each agent. Look at any interaction of any type, review content, leave feedback, and start coaching conversations.

I Have A Schedule. So What?

Managing a workforce doesn’t begin and end with numbers. Sharpen uses traditional WFM tools as a piece of a much larger mission… improving supervisor and agent experience.

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