Unlock The Potential Of Your Contact Center Teams

Develop your agents with the right tools and training for a better experience

Drive a high performing culture in your contact center

When your agents are happy in their jobs, and they have the right tools to help with their development, they’ll provide a better service to your customers. With tools like workforce management, in line training and contextual coaching, your contact center has never been more equipped to handle more interactions with a higher agent morale.

Play smarter, not harder

It’s time to get smarter with your workforce management

It’s absolutely mission critical for your contact center to always have the right number of agents available at any given moment. Yet some managers are operating in the dark on whether adherence levels are being met and if interactions are handled efficiently. If you’re ready to improve your customer, and agent, experience, it’s time to get smarter.

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Workforce management made for your contact center

Improve your customer and agent experience with better forecasting, scheduling and adherence management. Sharpen Community Workforce Management optimizes your workforce resources. It’s built to make it easy to manage one site or many. And, you have more options to forecast and schedule the right number of agents with the right skills at the right time so your customers get the very best experience.

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We’ll analyze your contact center data and share insights you can act on to improve your operations (no strings attached).

Let’s Talk About Data

“From a performance-based perspective, we can tell you exactly how you fall and where you fall on things like call times and email handling or customer satisfaction. And those who want to work in a performance-driven organization value that feedback.”

Matt Benidt, Chief Experience Officer,

Sandia Area Federal Credit Union

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Give feedback in the moment

In a corporate landscape, the idea of holding back feedback means you’re holding back results. Instead, give feedback in the moment. When your agents see their team leaders, supervisors and directors giving immediate feedback to interactions, they see that you don’t ignore problems – not even temporarily.

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Inline training improves agent performance

Inline training stops bad behaviors from turning into bad habits in your agent interactions. Review agent interactions and transcriptions, then leave comments and feedback inside the interactions, without pulling agents out of the queue for coaching or training sessions. When your agent reviews your notes, they can respond to your comments, ask questions or provide clarity.

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Your agents are at the root of your customer satisfaction

Whether it’s through contextual feedback or frequent training, the way you develop your agents feeds your customer’s satisfaction. To make a positive impact on how your contact center is operating as a whole, you need a better way to track, measure and incrementally improve your agent’s experience to strategically improve your customer’s experience.

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Develop your agents with built-in quality management

Help your agents improve their performance, as a part of your core contact center functionality. That way, you can coach and develop your agents to hit their goals and to help you hit yours. Using actionable data and contextual coaching and training, your agents will be more empowered and equipped to grow with your company.

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