Analytics You Can Act On

Use Sharpen Insights to improve interactions

Use data to develop your agents

Coach your agents to deliver a better customer experience using data. Bring in data from every channel to create intelligent, real-time customer insights. Then, track agent performance, optimize processes and make decisions for your customer operations. When you want to dig into the data, dive in. Or, set up automations that can flag data that needs your attention, based on criteria that you set up, according to your priorities.

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Custom reports shouldn’t be extra

Cookie cutter data doesn’t cut it when you’re creating standout experiences for your customers. And it certainly doesn’t help to develop your agents. Your data should be as unique as your company’s goals. So start creating reports that you can actually use in your day-to-day operations, without paying extra.

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Put your data to work

Analyze cross-channel customer interactions in one interface to get the data that you actually need to optimize your customer experience for your company’s strengths. We’ll give you default reports, or you can go into the platform and make customized reporting fields for custom reports, giving you the data you want to see.

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We’ll analyze your contact center data and share insights you can act on to improve your operations (no strings attached).

Let’s Talk About Data

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Better Customer Experience Strategies

Use the data that lives in your contact center to build actionable strategies for a customer experience that soars past expectations

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Show agents how they’re performing against your goals

When your agents know they’re crushing their performance, and they know you know, they’ll give your customers a better, more attentive experience. Things like dashboards and wallboards give visibility to your teams, and to your executives, so you can piece together data points from throughout Sharpen Insights to have a quick look at the full picture of your agent performance and customer experience.

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See and understand your data faster

Make it easy to read and understand the data that comes out of your contact center. Using Dashboards, you can simplify the complex information that you’re collecting inside every interaction by putting them into charts that are totally customizable. Then, save them to use later to find weak spots and areas of repeatable success or share them across teams or executives.

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