Analytics & Insights

Take control of your customer experience strategy using data

Your data tells the story of your customers’ experiences. Sharpen Insights enables agents to deliver a better customer experience using data from every channel to create intelligent, real-time customer engagement.

Uncover insights to improve customer and agent interactions

With Insights, you can track agent performance, optimize processes, and improve customer operations. Get reports yourself or set up custom automation to flag priority data that needs your attention.


Make better decisions using historical and real-time data

Contact center data should be easy to understand in the moment – so you can act while it still matters. Capture and analyze every customer interaction with intuitive, customizable charts. Use the data to build AI automations, find weak spots, and capture and share successes across teams.

Put your data to work with robust reports

Use one interface to analyze cross-channel customer interactions and get the data you (actually) need to optimize your customer experience. Sharpen Insights offers default and customizable reports to equip you with the data you need most. This empowers you to make more informed decisions and take the right actions to improve overall operations, including your agent and customer experience.

See and understand data faster with dashboards

Simplify the complex data you collect during every customer interaction with customizable dashboards for quick reference. Organize, prioritize, and socialize reports with drag-and-drop tiles, unique shareable URLs, and wallboard display capabilities. The result? Increased visibility and improved organizational alignment.


Align agents behind your biggest goals with performance tiles

A happy agent understands their success at work. Performance tiles give agents complete visibility into individual and team success. They help agents, peers, and managers see the metrics most important to organizational goals and provide insight into how they’re performing.

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