Prescribing a healthy dose of contact center innovation

Elevate healthcare communications to ensure seamless, secure, and empathetic interactions.
With intuitive, data-driven solutions, Sharpen’s cloud-native contact center platform helps ensure each patient connection becomes a step toward improved health and wellness.

Get the Rx for easy administration

Make patient communication a painless process

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface and low-to-no code tools, healthcare professionals and platform administrators can ensure seamless experiences and deliver more impactful care.

Elevate patient care with AI-powered solutions

Use AI-powered solutions to drive self-service and automation—so healthcare providers can concentrate on patient care while benefiting from enhanced decision-making support.

Automate to deliver efficient patient response

Streamline communication with automated workflows that enable staff to respond to patient needs with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


Keep a pulse on performance

Deliver secure and compliant patient interactions

Ensure healthcare data security with a HIPAA-compliant platform built with robust protocols to safeguard every interaction—ensuring peace of mind for providers and patients alike.

Empower healthcare excellence with real-time insights

Real-time analytics and customizable reporting empower healthcare providers with data-driven insights, informed decisions, tailored patient communication, and continuous improvement for effective, compassionate interactions.

A tablet with a sample medical record on the screen

Integrate for smoother, healthier outcomes

Harmonize care through seamless integrations

Integration is key in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment—seamlessly integrate Sharpen with existing healthcare systems and CRMs.

Promote patient data accessibility

Ensure patient data is easily accessible and can be effectively utilized for informed decision-making and timely actions within healthcare systems.

Optimize patient outcomes

Improve efficiency and enhance patient outcomes with integrations that present essential information at healthcare providers’ fingertips.

Client Testimonial

“One of the value adds of Sharpen was our ability to leverage SMS out of the platform. That’s something that we hadn’t done before and it has been a huge success for us….It’s [SMS] been a game changer.”

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Kevin Reddish, Chief Information Officer
Your Health Idaho

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