Platform Overview

Transform your
contact center

Sharpen’s cloud-native contact center platform simplifies every interaction and creates synergy between customer and agent-led experiences—enabling quick and efficient resolution across voice, digital, and self-service channels.

Unlock untapped agent potential

At Sharpen, we believe in the immense potential of your agents. Our platform is designed with intuitive interfaces and insightful processes, providing agents with comprehensive customer context and insights.

This empowers your agents to be more engaged, productive, and valuable, transforming each interaction into an opportunity for exceptional service.

Agent Experience

A man showing the Sharpen call center software on a computer

Simplify and accelerate customer operations

Experience the ease of transforming your contact center operations. Our cloud-native platform is built for agility and simplicity, enabling you to modernize your contact center swiftly with clicks—not code.

Utilize our easy-to-use tools and technology to streamline your operations, reducing your reliance on technical resources and accelerating your path to modern customer service.

Digital Engagement

Perfect every customer connection

Every customer connection is an opportunity to excel. Our platform ensures a seamless and secure customer experience across every touchpoint.

Deliver superior customer experiences through AI-supported decision-making and automated workflows. From the first call to the final resolution, we make every interaction count, building trust and satisfaction with each customer journey.

Customer Experience

Smiling woman on the phone at a call center
A man and woman working together on computers

Own your outcomes with actionable real-time insights

Drive your contact center’s success with actionable insights delivered in real time. Our advanced analytics empower you to understand and improve your contact center metrics, effectively driving down the total cost of ownership (TCO) and boosting your return on investment (ROI).

Make informed decisions and stay ahead with the power of data at your fingertips.

Analytics & Insights

Client Testimonial

“The beauty of Sharpen is that it gives us a single, easy-to-use system for flexibly monitoring, scoring, and coaching agents. The platform’s use of analytics aggregates all this data to give us insights based on what’s uniquely important to us. And this functionality is included. Those are typically expensive add-on features with other vendors.”

John Hunt, Senior Director of Operations

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